Jess Adams

Dancer. Aerialist. Acrobat. Choreographer.

Jess Adams' Dance Reel



Performance by Jess Adams

Choreography: Niff Nicoles and Jess Adams

Music: Lights by Sohn

Videography: Mike Adams

June 2, 2018 at Secret Circus


Choreography & Performance by Jess Adams

Videographer: Sandy Mitchel

Music: So Much Betta by Janet Jackson & Woman by Rhye Speaking: Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys, Emma Thompson, Maya Angelou, & Meryl Streep

Koresh Showcase at Koresh Dance in Philadelphia

October 2017 -- June 2018

Heal Each Other

Strangely Serious

Solo Studies Project

Improvised and filmed by Jess Adams

October 2017


Improvised & filmed by Jess Adams


Initiated by Jesse Zaritt

Filmed by Marc and Stephanie Crousillat

Eyes Wide Shut


Directed and Filmed by Brittany Davis

More Dance by Jess Adams

Beneath The Light



Improvisation by Jess Adams

Filmed by Jess Adams

September 2017


Choreographed by Jess Adams

Filmed by Haylee Warner

December 2015

Sweatshirt and Shades


Danced and Filmed by Jess Adams

Summer Catharsis


Choreographed/Improvised and Filmed by Jess Adams

Bus Stop Beats


Choreographed by Vanessa Miller with collaboration from dancers

Filmed by Denise Murphy